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Biomimicry in fashion textiles: Inspired by the microscopic structure of the Morpho butterfly’s wings, Morphotex requires no dyes or pigments and appears as a shimmery cobalt despite its lack of.

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Another modern example of Biomimicry can be witnessed in Japan in the iterations of their bullet train.

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Nature's skeletal engineering is inspiring artist Marieka Ratsma

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Aurum by Gage/Clemenceau (New York, New York), Finalist in the MoMA/PS 1 Young Architects Program, © 2007 The Museum of Modern Art.

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Biomimicry: Using Designs in Nature to Make More Efficient Human .

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KAIST's Armadillo-T: Employing textbook biomimicry, the vehicle achieves its armadillo-like transformation when the rear body of the car tucks over the front covering the windshield.

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Bat inspired robot to help with search and rescue missions. via news nation Researchers are developing a new vampire bat-inspired robot that can walk as well as fly, allowing it to carry out search…

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From Mercedes-Benz Bionic car to Maybach's Exelero (concept cars, prototype car, coolest cars)