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headup-hoe: wanna be able to do this

The beginning made me think 'oh I bet she's gonna forward roll'. I swear if that was a forward roll I cannot even stand up.

Scorpion Turn

Scorpion Turn okay how in the world do you turn like that. she is so skinny when the light hits her legs you cant even see it

Ok thats just awesome

innocence and paris β€” flexibilityisfreedom: Source video.

It's the perfect tour jete!!

gif Black and White ballerina ballet dance Dancer black and white gif jazz contemporany

21 things dance kids want their non-dance friends to know. This is so accurate is unbelievable

"oh you play football? that's cute" Dance is a sport, everyone else is just to afraid to admit that its harder than what they play😐

so admirable. muscles like crazy.

Dancing most fun exercise to lose weight Calories Burnt: cal/hrThis targets all over your body, and is an excellent work out. In addition to being one of the top exercises exercise-and-fitness

Nice pose

ATTACK β€” with Kylie Morton. Photo by Richard Calmes. Inspirations at Monica Hahn Photography