EICR Testing & Certification in London

We at Electric Works London help Landlord with EICR testing Certificate at cost effective prices in London. As Electricity is potentially hazardous. Therefore…
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a circular blue and yellow sign with the words frequently asked questions about fiqr certificate
Frequently asked questions about EICR certificate.
The responsibility of our electrician your safety for an establishment falls on the shoulders of the land owners. The EICR is a legal certificate concerning your electrical safety that validates safety standards of your electrical equipment's and their observation.
the various types of electrical certificates required
The Various Types of Electrical Certificates Required
You may be forgiven for assuming that electrical problems solely affect you at first glance and without any electrical skill. And, though it might be comforting to know that your government cares about you,
a man wearing a hard hat and holding a wrench in front of an electrical panel
Everything You Need to Know About EICR
A EICR testing report is essential for ensuring that all electrical systems at a property are in good operating order.
a man working on an electrical panel
Your Most Reliable Practical Guide to Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate
Conducting electrical safety inspections are mandatory. These checks prove helpful highlighting potential electrical issues, which in turn saves lives as well as properties.
a man in safety gear holding a piece of paper with the words how to choose the best eicr provider
How to Choose the Best EICR Provider?
Electrical Installation Condition Reports are meant to assess the safety of installations present in a home or rental property.
a man is looking at the electrical equipment in his cabinet with text that reads your crisp and helpful guide to eigr test
Your Crisp and Helpful guide to EICR test
EICR is the shortened form of Electrical Installation Condition Report. Basically it is a periodic inspection report on your home or property related to the fixed wiring.
electrical inspection condition report in london icr test
Electrical Inspection Condition Report in London (EICR test)
Our Electrician at Electric Works London can help you with the electrical inspection. For more information, you can visit this page to get details about EICR cost and process.
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EICR Inspection Guide for Landlords and Tenants
have your EICR certificate expired and do you want EICR inspection and certificate then this PPT for you
an electrician checking the voltages on his electrical device with text that reads, a clear idea for you on electrical safety checks
A Clear Idea for You on Electrical Safety Checks
Every homeowner across the UK must be aware that they must have their electrics tested routinely every ten years. But how long does an electric safety check take? In the following slides we will not only cover the answer but also discuss few other crucial things related to electrical safety checks.
an electrician is working on the wiring in his shop, and it's time for
If you claim you are unaware of the condition of the electrical system in place on your property that will not build up a strong defense for acquittal.
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EICR Testing Basics: What You Need to Know as A Tenant
Are you in need of new electrical safety certificate for your London property? Even if you are a tenant, we are sharing some information about EICR test and certificate in this PPT.
an electrician checking the current in his home's electrical wiring system with text that reads, your friendly guideline on electrical safety check
Your Friendly Guideline on Electrical Safety Check
We are sharing some tried and tested guidelines on electrical safety test. and We offer cost effective electrical installation condition report in London, UK.
a person working on an electrical installation with the words how to sell written above it
How to sell a house with a missing Electrical Installation Certificate?
Selling a house is a multi-step process, and it can be nearly impossible without the proper documentation and certificates. If the prospective buyer is keen on details and wants to make sure the house
a person working on electrical equipment in a room with the words, commission for electrical safety planning and building regulations
Permission For Electrical Safety Planning & Building Regulations
In terms of Permission For Electrical Safety Planning And Building Regulations, An Electrical Safety Certificate is a legal necessity for landlords in order to avoid fines and invalid insurance for the properties they own.
an electrician is checking the current voltages in his electrical panel with text that reads what is an elcr and why does every landord need one?
What is an EICR, and Why Does Every Landlord Need One?
Do you want to know about EICR test and cerificate, look no further. we are sharing information about EICR through this PPT.