Electric Shower Installation

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a man fixing a shower faucet with the words how to fit an electric shower?
How to Fit an Electric Shower?
If you have a building with low hot water pressure or have multiple bathrooms, an electrical shower is an ideal solution for your situation since it heats up the water itself.
the four simple steps to electric shower installation
4 simple steps to electric shower installation
Electric showers come with a predetermined life. Once a shower lives through its life it starts getting tired and losses oomph.
a person fixing an electric water heater with the words hiring an electrician or a plumber to fit an electric shower?
Hiring an Electrician or A Plumber to Fit an Electric Shower?
Our experts at Electric Works London have years of experience in supplying and installing different kinds of showers.
a bathroom with the words changing your shower experience with certified electrician in front of it
Changing Your Shower Experience with Certified Electrician
Changing a power shower and customizable showerhead will change your bathroom forever.
rain shower head with text reading rain showerhead a luxury you can't afford to ignore
Rain Showerhead: A Luxury You Can’t Afford to Ignore
Taking a shower is the best response to a long day at the office (although with the pandemic, a long day at home is more realistic) or after a workout.
a man in white shirt and black gloves fixing shower faucet on glass wall
Reasons to Get an Electric Shower in Your Bathroom
a shower head with the words what's the cost of electric shower installation?
When it comes to bathroom renovation, a lot of people would rather upgrade their showers and shower stations, since it’ll change your bathing experience drastically. But installing an electric shower isn’t as easy as screwing in a new lightbulb, and subsequently, the London electrician rates for installing one is proportionately higher.
a shower head with the words six simple steps to replace an electric shower diy
6 Simple Steps to Replace an Electric Shower DIY
Read on to learn more how you can replace an electric shower DIY yourself.
an electric shower with the words you should read this before buying an electric shower
You Should Read This Before Buying an Electric Shower
If you’re looking for professional installation of an electric shower near me online but can’t find a trustworthy provider, we recommend Electric Works London for it's dedication and certified quality of work.
a person is installing power shower in london homes
Installing power shower in London homes
At Electric Works London, we have years of experience in installing power shower at homes among a host of other electrical services. Our skilled and experienced electricians possess in-depth knowledge and insight about this range of gadgets.
a shower head with the words what's the cost of electric shower installation?
The main factor in the installation procedure that determines the costs and extent of work is the model you choose, and what type of water supply it needs. For example, some power showers must be fitted with larger pipework compared to traditional bathroom plumbing.
an image of a shower with the words 6 steps shower installation diy in your bathroom
6 Steps Shower Installation DIY in Your Bathroom
In case you want to save all the pain described above, just log into Google and enter search strings like “shower installation near me” to get hold of reliable plumbers or electricians at your finger tip. Lastly do not forget testing the shower unit whether it is working smooth.
an advertisement with the words how to buy the best electric shower in the uk
How To Buy The Best Electric Shower In The UK?
Installing a shower that’s supposed to have a switch for immediate power redirection isn’t an easy task, and messing it up can lead to quite a bit of trouble and even loss of life. Don’t meddle with electric shower installation.
a shower head with the words most common questions about power showers on it's side
Most Common Questions About Power Showers
Electric showers are the less expensive version of power showers, with small valve sizes and lower water pressure. That means the electric shower uses less energy and water, while the power showers are more comfortable for the user.
an advertisement for the electric shower system
Stuck Between Choosing a Power Shower and an Electric Shower?
The combination of water and electricity in an appliance used in the bathroom increases electrocution risks if the electric shower installation is not safe. Make sure you hire the right electricians to carry out the installation process, or you risk endangering your life.