Modern monochrome embroidery sample with chain link stitch detail - textiles surface techniques; sewing // Roanna Wells by alejandra

Drowning Victim, Coney Island beach, New York 1952

Roanna Wells, Drowning Victim, Coney Island Beach, New York 1952 [Hand stitch on wool.

Shade Card

roanna wells- love the complexity of the simple marks she makes on cloth. Very effective but on a time scale, time runs away.

Le Tour de France - Roanna Wells

Fine artist working with graphical stitch.

World Youth Day - Roanna Wells

Roanna Wells, World Youth Day, Madrid 2011 - made for a solo exhibition at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, May Hand stitch on wool

Sea of Faith - Roanna Wells

'Sea of Faith' Kumbh Mela, Allahabad, India 2013 - Roanna Wells - Jerwood Makers Open 2013

Withdrawn - Roanna Wells

Stitch unpicked - folds felted and unfolded ?

Withdrawn - Roanna Wells

Fine artist working with repetitive mark-making and process based concepts.