Myth and legend: Some believe Glastonbury Tor in Somerset is the final resting place of King Arthur

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Glastonbury Tor, England Somerset, with a roofless St. Michael's Tower on its summit. Tor is a local word of Celtic origin meaning 'rock outcropping' or 'hill'.

Several miles north of Glastonbury is a spot on the Mendip hills known as Deerleap. It is well known by local artists because of the far reaching views it provides over the Somerset Levels and of Glastonbury Tor nestled in amongst the hills. On misty mornings it is the perfect spot to appreciate just how flat the landscape is and how it would’ve looked thousands of years ago when the area was under water. On mornings like this it becomes an island once again.

A foggy sunrise over the Somerset levels showing Ben Knowle Hill in front of Glastonbury Tor. Taken by Stephen Spraggon from Deerleap in the Mendip Hills, Somerset, England.

Glastonbury Tor, St Michael's Tower and the beautiful Somerset countryside, UK

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Glastonbury Tor, St Michael's Tower and the beautiful Somerset countryside, UK. This isn't Wells but, it is Somerset.

Glastonbury Tor - Somerset, UK. Yes I did actually climb to the top. Rumored to be a place where the faeries play.

Somerset, UK The century tower of St Michael's Church overlooking Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, England, UK

Church of St John in Glastonbury - Somerset, England..

wanderthewood: Labyrinth outside of Church of St. John in Glastonbury town, Somerset, England by Thomas Roland