Ian Curtis _ Joy Division

Ian Curtis- Amidst the glam rock and disco hysteria of the Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis was a stark utilitarian. The image of a sweated shirt and haunting, static stare, caught in a moment of frenetic onstage convulsion.

Wish i could have been there - I wasn't aware Joy Division ever played at the…

The Clash, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, Talking Heads & The Smiths at the Electric Ballroom.

Morrissey: before The Smiths’ GLC 'Jobs For A Change' Festival concert at Jubilee Gardens, London, England on June 10, 1984.

Morrissey, before the The Smiths’ GLC gig June 1984 Andrew perry

The Clash by Allan Tannenbaum.

The Clash by Allan Tannenbaum. Event of Note: Allan Tannenbaum photography exhibit opening in Roxbury NY, Saturday, October

A lovely photo of Jim Reid and William Reid from The Jesus & Mary Chain. <3

Jesus and Mary Chain. I was in love with Jim my entire teenage-hood. Psycho Candy was so overplayed in my home that I can't separate major events of the time and particular Jesus and Mary Chain songs.