Eliz Moores

Eliz Moores

Manchester UK. / "Music is a safe kind of high" - Jimmy Hendrix
Eliz Moores
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Jean GIREL (né en 1947) "Paysages". Porcelaines. 2012

Jean Girel - moody ocean colours, little ceramic pots

Makiko Suzuki - If I remember correctly this matte kind of glaze is a shino. And hard to produce in blues.

If I had to choose one color to highlight my life for the rest of my life, it would be turquoise. you Makiko Suzuki

Jan Lewin-Cadogan. Technical: white stoneware clay. Various barium glazes. Various lava/crater glazes. Glossy deep blue or turquoise stone ware glazes. Fired to 1260 Celsius.

small pot in white stoneware clay with various barium glazes, various lava/crater glazes, glossy deep blue or turquoise stoneware glazes. Fired to 1260 Celsius.