*spews tea across screen* THIS WINS EVERYTHING EVER

Benedict cumberbatch Matt smith Tom hiddleston David is kinda from England

This is so perfect. I don't care if I've already pinned it

I hope the Master and Moriarty avada kadavra you and then send your corpse to the cybermen to use for spare parts. -- Then I will come and remove your emotions so every last piece of you dies a slow and painful death.

36 Of The Funniest “Game Of Thrones” Jokes From 2016 - 9GAG

36 Of The Funniest “Game Of Thrones” Jokes From 2016

Some people skateboarded and we just happened to go for world domination, everyone's different.

We just went for world domination everyone's different xD Britain :D

That awkward moment when 'British' is not an accent! <<<<<<<< Yeh well we still have a *BRITISH* accent also Britain is countries (Wales, Scotland and England) SO THAT AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN BRITISH IS A *BRITISH* ACCENT AND COUNTRIES

Better learn your geography…

It irratates me when people get all upset and say David Tennant is Scottish NOT Brittish. He is Scottish, but last time I checked Scotland was still a part of Britian. I've even heard him call himself British a couple of times. So.

An Englishman, a Frenchman - Album on Imgur

An Englishman, a Frenchman

Actually this would be better if the brunette had slapped the Frenchman and the blonde slapped the Englishman.

Screwy More

32 Screwy Pics That Will Leave You Laughing

Both sides all show I think really good acting skills, bit of refining would be easier to watch few little glitches in both but not to bad over all! Stay true not blue

You just read that second panel in Michael Caine's voice... | Larry the Cable Guy | Michael Caine | British humour | British wit | Proper English | funny

"You just read that second panel in Michael Caine's voice." Yes, yes I did 😄❤. It is my goal from now on to ONLY insult people the british way 😉👍

British television at its finest XD

British television at its finest - I gotta say there are a lot of fine aspects to my culture!