The Watcher by Tomasz-Mro on DeviantArt

Another face mask! This time tried doing it in biro I'm so happy with how the eyes matched! It's so difficult to draw the mask correctly before reflecting it :& The textures applied are done .

Agata Serge is a young self-taught photographer from Lodz.

Agata Serge is a young self-taught photographer from Lodz, Poland who currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Agata started photography in she shoots a lot of portrait, black and white…

AS coursework experimentation.

AS coursework experimentation. I like how this person has painted the same portrait in different lightings an colours.

Marion Bolognesi Artist research page by Brandon Fong

Ideas and techniques for keeping an art journal, sketchbook, or a scrapbook.

A Level Art sketchbook (100%)

Tips for producing an amazing GCSE or A Level Art sketchbook

Want to create an A* GCSE or A Level Art sketchbook? Tips, advice and guidance from an experienced Art teacher and Coursework assessor.

Frida Kahlo artist research by artist Abby Hope Skinner. This section of Abby’s Coursework project shows first-hand responses to subject matter (self-portraits of herself in the style of Frida Kahlo, posing with a cat, dog and plants). The photographs of her work in progress are captivating (normally these are not required; in this case they provide stunning evidence that under-drawings have been sketched entirely by hand, with proportions gauged by eye).

Top in the World: Stunning Self-Portraits by an A Level Art Student

Lauren, Study for AO1 External Assignment. St Mary's Catholic High School

Lauren, Visual investigation (photo and drawing) with annotation/explanation

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