Ella Louise Wild💗

Ella Louise Wild💗

Ella Louise Wild💗
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How-To : A simple Step by Step guide on how to fill in your brows the EASY Way!

STEP Brush eyebrow hair upwards with an eyebrow brush or spoolie. STEP Use a brow powder or pencil to define the lines. STEP Add depth and fill in gaps with light upward strokes for a natural look – never drag back and forth. STEP Add a touch

Craft, cards, mixed media and altered art. Tim holtz lover and crazy crafter.

Addicted to Art: Going round in circles - abstract journal page Marit in I always get drawn to circles and bubbles.

by Steve Bearman & Marielle Amrhein (Originally published as Girls, Women, and Internalized Sexism: chapter 8 of the book Internalized Oppression: The Psychology of Marginalized Groups, edited by E.J.R. David. If you like this chapter, please check out the book!) Introduction Notice how it comes up when I start writing this chapter. I am a …

by artist henrietta harris Emphasis by contrast-we know what a normal face looks like. All is well until the face shifts to the right creating a focal point. The first thing you would say you noticed about this painting is that the face is off centered.