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Oldřich Kulhánek

LITHO MAGIC Known for designing postage stamps and the current Czech banknotes, artist Oldrich Kulhanek is also recognized for his masterful lithographs.

Photos : Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) : découvrez sa nouvelle tête !

Lucy Hale is slowly morphing into a blonde, and we're loving it. The Pretty Little Liars star has been taking her break from filming as an opportunity to

Lips studies

Lips studies - Alzheimer's and Dementia ridden individuals lack a voice. They have an inner voice which is full and vibrant and ready. Yet the disease silences them into a remorseful image of hurt and anguish.

Lips. HeatherBuchanan on Etsy.

So my guy best friend practically asked this chic for prom and idk why I feel weird about it like I mean we kinda promised we'd be single forever and now he's probably gonna be dating her and I feel like I'm gonna lose a friend