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Witch's Cauldron Suspend a steaming pumpkin from long branches to form a wickedly creepy cauldron. How to Make the Witch's Cauldron


coffin-I'd like to order three please! Can they be shipped to different parts of the country, and world?

trash can and fake bricks...gonna do this!

DIY haunted house decor - Scary Scene inspired by the movie, The Ring. Samara is in her well made from a trash can and fake bricks. This is awesome!

Jello shots for a Halloween party

Jello shots for a Halloween party- just need the syringes.lets see who do i know huuummmm!

Awesome Halloween corpse for less than 3 bucks

Awesome halloween corpse for less than 3 bucks. All you'll need for this is : Newspaper / flyers, String / twine, and Garbage Bags. ( well and scissors to cut the twine of course) * duck tape is optional, for larger bodies

homemade scary halloween props

homemade scary halloween props