Superhans and Jeremy should totally leave that washing machine in the middle of their pub!

Introducing Super Hans and Peep Show

Peep show.. Cant watch without wetting myself!! Funny as!

Jeremy from Peep Show trying to sound cultured and educated by bringing Shakespeare into the equation.

(Peep Show) suddenly a lot of things make sense lol Jez can be so profound sometimes

Peep Show - I just started watching and LOVE it! I also just realized that Mark and Jeremy are like the male versions of Daria and Jane; but much funnier, awkward, and Jeremy is definitely less annoying. Super Hans is kind of like Jeremy's Trent too!

mark Corrigan's internal  monologue is worryingly similar to mine

How’s you love life? may be a rather grandiose term for staring a women on the bus.

Peep Show's Super Hans

Peep Show's Super Hans asking the important questions

10 things you think about your flatmate :: Funny Peep Show quotes

11 things you think about your flatmate

Peep Show - forever toeing the line between comedy and painfully accurate…

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