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Peach Pie Pops

Treat your family with these peach pie pops made with Pillsbury® pie crusts – a wonderful dessert.

#KatieSheaDesign ♡♡♡ Glazed Donut Strawberry Shortcake - What else can I do with Donuts???  Hmmmmmmm

Glazed Donut Strawberry Shortcake - Why have I never thought of this? I need to find a good GF glazed donut recipe.

Creme egg filled doughnuts

Cadbury creme eggs wrapped in doughnut and deep fried. A little sick, but the Cadbury eggs won't be available again until before next Easter, so we're safe!

Baked Cookies and Cream Doughnuts {Krispy Kreme Copycat} - chocolate doughnut vanilla icing with Oreos, and Oreo whipped cream.

Baked Cookies and Cream Doughnuts {Krispy Kreme Copycat} - Cooking Classy Tried. Oreo whipped cream was the biggest hit. Can halve the other frosting recipe. Doughnut needs a bit more chocolate flavor, but all together recipe was a big success.

Raspberry and Cardamom Mousse White Chocolate Layers

Raspberry and Cardamom Mousse White Chocolate Layers. I would try fine white chocolate layers with a mascarpone and cream filling with fresh raspberries.

Blueberry Pie Bites

Blueberry Mini Pie Bites - Sugar Dish Me Little bites of delicious pie crust, each stuffed with a fresh blueberry and a little raw sugar. Blueberry Pie Bites are great when you want “just a bite”! They also make excellent ice cream topping!

the best mascara bag

The Best Mascara. These are my top 10 favorite mascaras ever created. And how about the cutest mascara bag ever invented? - I am obsessssed with that makeup bag.