Natural materials for light paper and masking tape

Natural materials for light table using clear contact paper and masking tape : For outdoor activity, we collect natural materials with children. For indoor activity, using light table, children can observe natural materials.

Beans and flower pots counting activity

Beans and Flower Pots Counting Activity

Flower Garden Play Dough Invitation for Kids

Flower Play Dough Invitation

Colour provocation.

colour provocation - long strips of paint swatches and materials gathered from natural environment -> sorting and classifying

Gluing a Vegetable Rainbow by Julie from The Adventures of Bear

Montessori-Inspired Vegetable Unit

Letter recognition flowers - help preschoolers learn their letters with this DIY summer flower garden to work on letter recognition skills

Letter Recognition Flowers

Work with preschoolers on letter recognition with this reusable flowers activity that is simple to make and can be used again and again.