November 17, 2011 | New Photography | by  Nini Baseema|    One of the most evocative contemporary photography series I have seen in a while is Michael Wolf’s Tokyo Compression. The German shoots people in the subway trains of the Japanese capital. The result is breathtaking: an emotional collection of commuting individuals, with each portrait telling a unique story.

Tokyo Compression photo essay by Michael Wolf

MICHAEL WOLF, TOKYO COMPRESSION 75 2012: portraits of citizens shot through the windows in the packed subways of tokyo.

Michael Wolf Tokyo Compression With “Tokyo compression” Michael Wolf struck a nerve. His portraits of people who are on their way in the Tokyo subway, constrained between glass, steel.

michael wolf

Iseeyou: Michael Wolf’s Voyeuristic Views

Tokyo Compression, Michael Wolf Tokyo is world-famous for its urban density, so it’s no surprise that the legendarily packed city subways would capture photographer Michael Wolf’s.