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Disney logic! ha ha! I LOVE Lilo and Stitch!

Disney movies are beloved by so many, and the stories are great. Here are 22 times Disney defied all logic.

I'm a Disney girl!

I am Disney kid. I believe that there is a Neverland and fairies and mermaids. I am a Disney kid and I believe that anything is possible. I believe in the power if magic and friendship. I am a Disney kid

Glitter IPhone 4 Case...if i had an iphone..

There are 3 tips to buy these jewels: iphone iphone case iphone cover iphone 4 case pink sparkle glitter pink glitter iphone iphone cover glitter bag iphone 5 case phone cover.

Pretty dress

Love the colors/pattern of the dress, absolutely adore the green jacket (I like the neckline), and the height of the boots are a must if wearing dresses in fall. I love the earrings and the necklace. This whole look is so perfect!