Architect-Mackintosh_Charles Rennie: Glasgow School of Art-Glasgow-Scotland

Gallery of Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Born June 7, 1868 - 7

Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Scottish Art Nouveau Designer, ( 1868 - 1928 )

Plant Study ▫ Petunia / Walberswick by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (CRM) in collaboration with Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh (MMM) ▫ 1914

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Spurge, Withyham 1909

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Spurge, Withyham 1909 This illustration of flowers, much like his other floral illustrations, presents an art nouveau style with beautiful flowing lines and minimal colour schemes.

‘Chyrsanthemums.’   Charles Rennie Mackintosh

’ Charles Rennie Mackintosh was one of the great designers of the Arts & Crafts Movement. These images first appeared on appeared on paper, but were soon to appear in textiles, stained glass, fabrics, and tiles.

Watercolour by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles R.Mackintosh Willow Herb, Buxstead 1919 Source The Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery University of Glasgow

Tim Jeffs Animal Drawings / via @Bianca Prince

I've spent the past year trying to draw the most detailed animals as possible