Leaf veins and texture by Martyn Franklin

Leaf veins and texture by Martyn Franklin. Not unlike the veins that run through our bodies transporting nutrients.

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Boyle Family with the Centre of Attention at Project(or) platform for current art stages at Art Rotterdam 2008

The Boyle Family - Documenting the exact points where people had thrown darts at a map

Distressed Fabric Close up

Distressed Fabric Close up

Edward Weston

Tazio Secchiaroli의 작품들

Edward Weston-Cabbage Leaf 1931 Gelatin Silver Print via Leopold Museum Vienna

You have beautiful eyes- by Suren Manvelyan

Extreme close-up of a human eye (macrophotography), by Suren Manvelyan

Cigarette 17, 1972 © Irving Penn

Irving Penn Cigarette 17 New York, 1972

Zoom View of Dew | Most Beautiful Pages, Turquoise chambers in Egypt, it was 2 help transmutation attracting sound waves 2 heal the, I was attacked by evil governments, establishment 2 assassinate me with lethal radiation in 2009, they sent me a beam of radiation but they couldn't kill, I became stronger, https://stargate2freedom.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/stress-and-pollution-are-the-1-killer-in-our-corrupted-world/

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Gorgeous Macro Photographs of Dew-Soaked Dandelions. By UK photographer Sharon Johnstone. Such a perfect mix of light and water, they almost look like candy. See many more images in her macro galleries. (via daily art fixx)