Very cool series of minimal architecture posters. The use of color is smart, not too overwhelming, and really complements elements of the building's design.

Jungle City. Do something similar for 2-point perspective?

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L'architecture russe / Alexey Bogolepov

A new name, a new dress, an amazing new online store to buy your print art. Arthewall is totally rebranded to bring art curated and ready to hang.

Artist Doodles On Film Photos To Turn Everyday Scenes Into Whimsical Images -

Combinophy Series Combinophy is a photography series made by Romanian graphic designer Cristiana Costin. After having captured daily life scenes she combines her analog photographs with digital illustrations transforming images into surreal settings.


Alexey Bogolepov is a photographic artist living and working in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Have a before photo and draw on top of it showing what it COULD be. Growth. The future. Before/After.

"PHOTOGRAPHY & GRAPHICS" Architecture & Graphic design: I like the contrast of color + black/white, and the use of drawing over an image.