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Shingeki no Kyojin, Scouting Legion

Shingeki-no-Kyojin-anime-sasha-browse-ervin smith- zoe hanji-eren jaeger-connie springer-levi - mikasa - Levis like MIKASA, your oing it wrong.

AOT Guys

Hold up, since when is Levi french? And isn't Jean a horse? Well I guess he could be a french horse.- Confirmed, Levi is French and Jean is just a horse.

shingeki no kyojin attack on titan snk aot dancing gif - Google Search

If you laughed at these funny walking creatures slipping a fall, you are immune to the fuzzies!

Shingeki no Kyojin x Noragami.....NO WAY!!!!! :0

Shingeki no Kyojin x Noragami<<OMG! R they the english or japanese voice actors? And which one voices which character?<<<< idk for sur but all i know for sure is the japanese voice actor for eren and yukine is the same

noragami; I do it in 0.3 seconds though ;)

I do it in seconds though ;)>>> it is very hard for me to stop smiling

Poor Armin

Poor Armin XD that was when Levi was hurt, imagine what he would have done if he was in perfect condition.