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Glucozade was first manufactured in 1927 by William Owen a chemist based at Barras Bridge, Newcastle, England who experimented for several years to provide a source of energy for those who were sick with common illnesses like the common cold or influenza. It became available throughout Britain for use in hospitals under the name Glucozade, changed in 1929 to Lucozade. Whenever I was ill as a child I was always given the treat Lucozade, still going strong today, both Lucozade and me.

Lucozade - the sparkling glucose drink that replaces lost energy, We may have grown up a bit since then, but one thing hasn't changed - energy is everything. I miss this drink.I wish it was being sold close by.

This billboard poster advertises Dividend Tea manufactured by Brooke Bond Limited. It was designed by Philip Benson's London advertising agency in 1952. By the 1950s, Brooke Bond produced almost 30% of all packet tea sold in Britain. The most popular brands produced by the firm were Dividend and P.G. Tips (Source: Museum of London).

billboard poster ad for Brooke Bond Dividend Tea. 'Mummy always uses Brooke Bond Dividend Tea' . depicts smiling boy in school uniform, UK / Museum of London, London, UK

David Heys steam diesel photo collection - 46 - 1960s MORE MEMORIES 2

OXO Cooking Tools Vintage Tin Sign- OXO Cooking Tools Vintage Tin Sign Our tin and metals signs are top quality hand silk screened works of art manufactured by a small team of dedicated artists. The tin signs are heavy duty 24 gauge steel with corner

Dresses, skirts and blouses from 1950s

M&S Fashion Brands and Synthetic Fabrics - St Michael ‘New Look’ Advert, St Michael News 1958