1980s Rainbow Bright doll with sprite by KibbsCreations on Etsy, $25.00  My most memorable, and favorite toy of my childhood. She met a very unhappy end at the hands of an evil boarder patrol officer. I will own her again soon.

Rainbow Bright doll with sprite by KibbsCreations. My most memorable, and favorite toy of my childhood.

Vintage Snoopy thermos flask

Vintage Snoopy thermos flask - My first lunchbox was THIS - the lunchbox itself was vinyl and buttoned with a goldtone twist clasp. This is the exact thermos.

Telephone style 1960

Telephone style 1960 We used to make phone calls to random people in the phone book - 'get off the line there's a train coming! Very imaginative (not).

Music and Movement - BBC radio programme for schools. Oh God! We had to wear knickers and vest!

Music and Movement - BBC Radio Programme for Schools. I loved this in my early junior school years. I really enjoyed growing from a seed into a beautiful tree swaying in the wind.

If you are under 55, you simply won’t understand…

Lots of Memories

I was allowed to stay up until the end of Ed Sullivan to watch Topo Gigio :) vintage topo gigio vinyl toy I loved this little guy! "Kees me Good night"

i had one of these instead of a cabbage patch kid

I love My Child Dolls, They were from like Cabbage Patch but I think they are so superior to them. Wanted one SO bad!

From the tuck shop at primary school. And weren't the milk chocolate ones in a blue wrapper?

McVities Chocolate Digestive Biscuit - Original from the school tuck shop, to try to stop my tummy rumbling between morning break and lunch!

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Lyons Snowboats , these were a real treat!

Now these were something that I had completely forgotten about. I expect that there were more natural ingredients in my felt tip pens than in these, but they were magnificent.

D'you know the piano's on my foot?...

A Tribute To: PG Tips Bump & Go Racers I’ve just completed my set, so these can be our first tribute.