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Ellis Palfreyman
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「蚕にカーボンナノチューブを食わせるとより強靭な糸を吐き出すことが判明」の画像 : 哲学ニュースnwk

Funny pictures about The cutest moth you'll see today. Oh, and cool pics about The cutest moth you'll see today. Also, The cutest moth you'll see today.

Hermit crab in a glass shell. Looks so cool!!

Crabs in Glass Houses.Scientists at the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre placed glass shells into a hermit crab tank. The crabs moved into the glass shells shortly after, allowing scientists to study the crabs.

2724 Green Crab Spider | John Flannery 2014

Green Crab Spider - Misumenoides formosipes - Crab spider is a common name applied loosely to many species of spiders, but most consistently to members of the family Thomisidae. They are small to medium in size to inch long).

Thanks to the person who advised that this is a Common Peacock butterfly from Europe.. I thought that it was a MOTH .. not a butterfly. I stand corrected.

The European Peacock, more commonly known simply as the Peacock butterfly, is a colourful butterfly, found in Europe and temperate Asia as far east as Japan. Formerly classified as the only member of the genus Inachis.

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Windmill Swallowtail Butterfly (Byasa dasarada ravana) / Nainital, Uttarakhand, India / Enlarge pic to see the detail in the wings - incredible! Photo: Peter Smetacek SUCH INCREDIBLE COLOURING!