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Zoella quote from favourite lipsticks- one of the first videos she did. I can speak for all of her viewers when i say that we are all so proud of her! Love you Zoe!

Zoella | Autumn Style | Pinafore & Plaits

Autumn Style

I just really want to visit the building and location in the background Zoella Autumn Style Pinafore & Plaits

Just Be Yourself

Hi I'm Zoella but you guys call me Ms. I'm your reading and writing teacher! I'm really loving and caring! If you need help with reading or writing come for lunch and I'll help you!

HaySparkle: Zoella Lifestyle Collection

You may also get your vehicle blurred out as well if you'd like. The authorities will climb over the walls to the property and check each and every place in the whole property


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Zoella: Got to meet the newest SacconeJoly member yesterday! She is the cutest, teeniest little baby I've .