Fluttering Spring Shoes - The Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Shoes

Fluttering Spring Shoes

Alexander McQueen Spring / Summer 2011 organic shapes, manipulated fabrics, textures reminiscent of a weathered landscape

Katsura Takasuka - The clothes of Earth #faerie  amazing branch dress- could we make something like this?

design by Katsura Takasuka - "The clothes of Earth" Incredible use of organic material and inspiration from nature. Idea can definitely be adopted into nature based designs, perhaps indirectly by emulating sticks in a dress, for instance.

http://www.marymorris.co.uk/#/profusion/  Mary Morris "Profusion"  Mary uses mixed media to create a 3-dimensional grid that exists on it's own. The different textures and elements are very visually stimulating.

Mary Morris is an artist living in East Sussex. She uses a variety of media, including oil and encaustic painting, photography and textiles to convey her abiding interest in both the natural and man-made landscape.

papier mache around a balloon then pop balloon when dry. Hang with tiny decorated eggs (or papier mache more of these) inside as a type of bower bird nest for Easter?

paper mache bird houses, Blow up a balloon, light coat with oil, paper mâché, pop and paint. Poppytalk: 5 Spring Projects from Ideas Magazine

Andy Goldsworthy  I love the natural imagery of the bird's nest and the fact that it was actually made by a man, rather than the animal who is actually supposed to create it

Andy Goldsworthy - absolutely my favorite artist. He makes sculptures out of only natural things without using glue. This would make a great home for wildlife

a431dd665161d8778b9254424b3f9ff4.jpg 1,200×2,440 pixels

a431dd665161d8778b9254424b3f9ff4.jpg 1,200×2,440 pixels

Claire Rosen's birds of paradise - in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Claire Rosen's birds of paradise - in pictures

New York-based artist Claire Rosen created living versions of traditional wallpapers, matching a selection of tropical birds with vintage floral backdrops

Linda Farquharson: Lino Bird VI

The Lino Bird VI by Linda Farquharson - The Rowley Gallery - Fine Frames & Fine Art since 1898 - Kensington, London

The Porcelain Sculptures of Kate McDowell sculpture porcelain environment ceramics birds anatomy

Kate MacDowell - Canaries, 2008 - hand-built porcelain and florescent lights.