Baked portabella mushrooms with rice and egg - this was pretty good, not fabulous, but filling and certainly very low in calories and fat.  It took much longer to cook than I expected, I was thinking 5 minutes cook time, it was more like 18-20 minutes cook time.  Still, I'd make it again.

This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, Slimming World and Weight Watchers friendly Slimming Eats Recipe Green – syn free per serving Extra Easy – syn free per serving Baked Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Egg Print Serves 2 Author: Slimmi

Vicki-Kitchen: Sticky sesame chicken OMG delicious (slimming world friendly)

Oh wow this is so fab so tasty you'll never want to waste syns on a takeaway again. It is a bit time consuming but nothing major and the .

The ultimate, printable generic slimming world shopping list — Slimming World Survival | Recipes | Tips | Syns | Extra Easy

The ultimate, printable generic slimming world shopping list

Pretty and Polished: Slimming World Brownies There is NO way I am NOT making these. Choco gone/satisfied!

Pretty and Polished: Slimming World Brownies. Works out as syns in total for the whole tin (including the icing). So you would just need to cut them into however many squares you like and work out the individual portion's syn value.

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Slimming world recipe: Whole cake is a syn, so even if you eat half of it, it's hardly worth counting. it's a great way to satisfy a sweet or cake craving.