Designate one student as the "Ask Me" student who can answer the questions of other students while you're busy assisting others.

37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

Great idea for classroom job! One student is selected to be the "Ask Me" person (to help students who need assistance) while the teacher works with small groups-no disruptions for the teacher! Kids would love to take turns doing this!

Blooms higher thinking questions- I absolutely love these!!!

During read-aloud, have student select a button from a jar & then ask a question that corresponds to the color button chosen. Questions can be answered individually, in buddies, or in journal. Button cards correspond to Bloom's taxonomy

CurkovicArtUnits / Analysing an Image

CurkovicArtUnits / Analysing an Image Some questions to consider when asking students to analyze an image. Could be questions to use during a critique/discussion on projects.

Blooms Taxonomy Flip Chart for Student Use Freebie!

Blooms Taxonomy Flip Chart for Student Use. This would be a perfect tool for pairing appropriate tasks with each level. As the levels go up, so do the point values. Must do a certain number of points every week for homework.