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Keep expectations low. The laws of Detachment : allow others to be who they are, allow yourself to be who you are, don't force situations, solutions will emerge, uncertainty is reality-embrace it.

Emotional detachment | detaching with love | relationship problems | 12 step recovery addiction | codependency quotes | codependent  relationships | Click the image to read more. #lettinggo #detachment #codependency

Detachment helps when letting go is a struggle. Stepping back and focusing on yourself is sometimes the kindest thing you can do. Loving yourself is part of 12 step recovery. Click the image to learn (Step Back)

Detachment quotes | letting go | relationship problems | 12 step recovery addiction | codependent relationships | Click to read more.  #detachment #lettinggo #recovery #relationship #codependency

Detaching is all about loving someone while accepting that you have no power to change them. Detaching helps with addiction, mental illness and difficult personalities. Detaching with love means letting someone be who they are while loving the person not