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small christmas gift bags lined up in front of a tree
Christmas Gift Box – 12 Pieces
It’s the season of gifts, wraps, and sharing! Package more gifts in less time with these colorful Christmas gifts boxes. Creatively designed with leather ties for a professional presentation. Perfect gift box for Christmas gifts. Suitable for chocolate, candies, etc.
Wearable Air Purifier Pendant Necklace with USB Charger - Keep the virus away! Sleep, Air Purifier, Immune System, Portable Air Purifier, Improve Sleep Quality, Improve Sleep, Sleep Quality, Usb Charger, Stay Focused
Portable Negative Ion Air Purifier Pendant Necklace with USB Charger
Reduces air contaminants, therefore protecting you from dust, germs, bacteria, virus, etc. It improves respiration, and help you stay focused. It can improve your immune system over time. Improve quality of sleep: Wearing this air purifier necklace to sleep may improve sleep quality overtime as it releases negative ions into your personal environment. Recharge and wear: No noise, does not require any liquid added. It is not only an air purifier, but also a necklace.