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Rankin AKA John Rankin Waddell, Photographer

I found this portrait in Rankins Portfolio under Beauty, this image inspired a whole experiment that i did using cut out paper templates to imitate His work. I loved doing these photographs and i really liked the end result. I did them digitally and used photo shop to edit them after I had finished.

Beauty photography by the English photographer John Rankin Waddell, but otherwise known as Rankin

Portrait - Glamour - Photography - Black and White - Silver Lips - ☯ ☯ #black #white #art

You've Never Seen Makeup Like This Before

Silver Features was a celebration of the form of the face — lips, brows, and lashes. But, rather than utilize an accent color, we chose the high-shine metallic of silver. The light reflection was beaming out at you.

F A R E W E L L ROCKETSHIP.: rankin photography

Alex Box is a visionary! Here are a few shots from her new book shot by Rankin. I feel so effing satisfied right this very moment.

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