La joya arquitectónica de India sería un must en nuestra lista. #InStyle #PinItToWinIt

Top 10 Places to visit before you die

The Taj Mahal, Indias architectural crown jewel is one of the seven wonders of the world. 20 Amazing Photos of India, a Fascinating Travel Destination

Place - Customers for River Island are very into and up to date with fashion. Therefore getting inspiration from places like London, new york, milan, paris ect is very important.

Times Square, New York City

times square action - new york city because i've never been there or to a place so busy

South Africa. - 50 miles from Cape Town Stellenbosch vineyards.

The wineland around the town Stellenbosch 55 km from Cape Town. Here you see one of many enchanges to a wineyard, where you will be welcome to taste their wine.

consumer culture - Google Search consumption, identity

I thought this was a very interesting commentary on the beauty business-consumer/identity relationship.

Soldier and his child in London, March 1940 (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

War is not just the hell, it is also the disconnection, and of course the sadness. A Canadian soldier kisses his daughter goodbye bef.

The edgiest of plait styles, make like Cara Delevingne and rock the look with gothic styling for the ultimate Riot Grrl statement. Miss Vogue's tip? Add in coloured hair chalk for a one night only beauty update. Browse the Miss Vogue gallery of plaits for the full braid directory.

The Ultimate Braid Hairstyles Directory

Cara Delevingne really is obsessed with tattoos! The model has recently revealed a new diamond shape tattoo on the inside of her right ear, and yes, we winced at the idea of the pain, too. Celebrity News on GLAMOUR.COM UK

teddy boys hair - how did they get their hair to do that so neatly and stay that way?

Chris Steele-Perkins - photo series "The Teds", Red Deer, Croydon, 1976

Oh my god I'm ancient. I actually am seeing this commercial play in my mind.

Hair cream--Brylcreem, a little dab will do ya. Dad used to sing this song


"'A Mursi tribe woman discovers Vogue magazine, Ethiopia.' The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience (Distractify)"

Brylcreem, Mens, Hair, Colour, Photo, Man, Brushing

Brylcreem, Mens, Hair, -styled so that it is appropriate for whatever period of history

japanese rockabilly - Google Search

The Schorem Barbers know a thing or two about creating the perfect male & In their latest how-to video, you can learn how to cut and style a flawless razor-faded pompadour. Watch the video!

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1971 Advertisement Brylcreem Soft Hair Spray Woman's by fromjanet

Brylcreem Original Nourishing Hair Cream (Red) 250ml

Best of Manners: onze favoriete haarproducten voor elk haartype - Manners.

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