Fashion Textiles sketchbook.. i just think it looks like a vintage sketchbook because of the old autumn like colours, various textures, illustrations and typography.. a lush mash of everything!

A Level Textiles: Beautiful Sketchbook Pages

Halima Akhtar from Woldingham School, Caterham, Surrey, UK. Beautiful collage like textile folio.maybe one day my sketchbook will look this nice

Ivan Seymus #urban #sketch #travel #journal

Art journal pages and scrapbook inspiration - ideas for travel journaling, art journaling, and scrapbooking.

Illustrated Cities: Brussels

Speaking of NYC , meet Kondo Yoshie , a Japanese girl who magically turns plain notebooks into charming illustrated city guides after her.

100% student project. GCSE Artist research page analysing portraiture and eyes by Samantha Li

An A* GCSE Art Exam: Force


Instagram Post by Syukri Shairi (@syukrishairi)

nexttoparchitects: by syukrishairi It’s always lovely, the idea of how London is composed of many smaller villages. Makes a lot of room for exploration.

Yann Lesacher suitte-3025.JPG

Une Bretagne par les Contours / Île de Batz

"Île de Batz" - Illustration by French artist Yann Lesacher, from his book/travel diary "Une Bretagne par les Contours"

art journal by

art journal: moje chaotyczne miasto {art journal: my chaotic city}

art journal: moje chaotyczne miasto {art journal: my chaotic city} Create your own version using primary images about Croydon/London/city you have visited

show & tell: March

show & tell: March

artist helen stephens' sketchbook and desk. - Helen Stephens is amazing, she's another huge inspiration to me. Her work is so wonderfully planned out and the simplicity is so nice to look at!

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