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Emily-Gene Greaves
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Ssssnape by Sir-i

Ssssnape by Sir-i

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Harry would never make fun of his friend like that though. He reserves his sass for those who deserve it. Ron feels insecure enough about the robes in the book. That said this scene is hilarious in the movie. But it wouldn't work in the book<<<

Remus Lupin (Moony) and Tonks by Natello's Art

Natello's Art --is this supposed to be Teddy Lupin and Remus? Because that's what I thought immediately


but this is so much deeper than that. weasley found out that harry wouldn't have any christmas gifts, she stayed awake all night to make sure he had a sweater and fudge. it means draco is finally accepted by them

I don't know why this was so funny.

Harry Potters weakness "Why on earth would you think water would do that?

That is such a thing that Ron would do

I saw this and just thought 'what a Ron thing to do.'<< that's because the actors are practically their characters

YES! This is so amazing it's not even funny.<<< aw man if dementors were like people, this is amazing!