this will be in my backyard somewhere when i finally decide to settle down someday...... ;)

A cozy and romantic backyard nook takes date night to a whole new level. This outdoor dining setting is tucked away under a gorgeous arbor and surrounded by nature, lighted with fairy lights, lanterns, and candles.

Thin posts (tiki torches) along walkway with round lights or chinese lantern style stringers between. Up high enough to stop cats/dogs playing with them or people tripping over them, cemented into ground with rocks if you have a problem with things being dug up.

Workshop Garden Inspiration

DIY wedding lights on shepherd hooks or poles outside. Set a romantic mood with wedding lighting. Sometimes the last thing we think about but so important indoors or outdoors.

I like this kind of stacking for the grizzly bear stand. You could layer with different sizes and textures of baskets/pots. Try to keep the feel pretty neutral (baskets, old buckets, etc). And look for different shapes and textures of greenery.

Repurposed Crates, Baskets and Zinc Containers - this is a pretty way to display flowers and herbs on a porch and a great way to hide plastic pots.

Twinkle Lights Make Everything Better

26 Times Twinkle Lights Made Everything Better

Wisteria one trellis. Would like this going up and around the front door and hanging down over the Juliette balcony

green room

i want things that smell nice :: they come as trees or vines :: wall of wisteria

Details: Green Country Garden Keywords: Pink Town House Closed White Brick Door Garden Back Door Courtyard Landscaping Flowers Town

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