Literacy center sight word activities. (This would also help develop fine motor skills and help strengthen those little hands.)

Kindergarten Is Crazy (Fun): Sight Word Literacy Center Activities Students use plastic tweezers to place small puff-balls to make their sight words. Those pincher muscles are extremely important for their fine motor development to help with handwritin

Adventures of Adam DIY Toddler Water Wall

Toddler Water Wall Update

Adventures of Adam DIY Toddler Water Wall. Easy to make water wall using recycled plastic bottles. Great for toddler outside play.

My Adventures in Preschool: 3 Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs Activities For Preschoolers - Saferbrowser Yahoo Image Search Results

Simple pom pom tunnel - would be great for centers/free draw area. Put magnets on tubes with a board painted with magnetic paint.  Great for problem solving and fine motor skills

Pom Pom Tunnels - make with magnets to use on cabinet or magnetic whiteboard - kids can make endless tunnels

Tins and magnetic tape - hours of construction fun!

Alistair Bryce-Clegg on

Tins and magnetic tape. Hours of construction fun! #abcdoes #EYTalking #earlyyearsideas

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fijne motoriek oefenen door figuren te leggen met kleine materialen

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Sand Writing Tray with Tracing Cards & Sand by Callie's Corner,

Pre-writing Exercise - I could make it myself with a cookie tray, salt/sand/flour/whatever you have - and draw a couple things for kids to copy.

Visual motor activity. Child walks on a thin colored string. uses visual and motor abilities.

(large motor skill)A fun creative way to build SO many skills (balance, kinestethia, visual motor, self-regulation).the list goes on!

Fine Motor Sewing - Paper Plate

Learning basic sewing with a polystyrene plate, yarn, + plastic needle. I remember doing this with craft mesh when I was a kid and then graduating to sewing buttons by hand onto little pillows and pockets.

Valentine's Day Pre-Writing Preschool Printable

Valentine's Day Pre-Writing Practice

Valentine's Day Pre-Writing Practice - love this idea. Make a die and have students connect any two pictures depending on roll of die. Roll the pattern a and interpret it onto an instrument*

Fine motor skills - Threading straws onto shoelaces - Kindergarten

Straws, shoelaces and fine motor skills in children. Create patterns while practicing fine-motor skills. Kids practice cutting skills when they cut the straws themselves.

30 Kids Activities & Materials for Promoting Fine Motor Skills | hands on : as we grow

Promote Fine Motor Skills with 30 Materials & Activities

Weaving with pipe cleaners and a cooling rack. J, who likes to tie things together, would probably enjoy this using string/yarn instead of pipe cleaners.