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<<<<< My heart shattered when I watched this part. Seriously, A+ acting.

Oh my... That's accurate

<< I actually watched a movie like this once. The groom figures out he's gay in the middle of his destination wedding by kissing the hot Italian cook.

Arthurs jealous cuz he thought someone fucked merlin its canon

Arthur "how did you get hurt. Tell me so I can do after them" pendragon <<! Omg I didn't even that that's what it was implying! I love this new point of view

THEY'RE IN LOVE   also one of them is dying   BUT THEY'RE IN LOVE

Merlin commentary with Katie McGrath (Morgana) and Julian Murphy (producer)- not sure why this would be strange. They are best friends and he's dying, of course he wants to be held!

Colin Morgan, Merlin, Merthur and more<<< My friends call me cute and I…

Colin Morgan, Merlin, Merthur and more<<< My friends call me cute and I started chanting demon chants at them.<<I can relate to this comment

The Greek tragedy of Merlin.

The Greek tragedy of Merlin.<<<The Greeks were very homoerotic. In fact they probably had a higher statistic of gays than straights. Many myths were romantic so the fact that they thought it was a greek myth only proves merthur

look at this majestic goth chicken

The beautiful Jet Black Chicken(Ayam Cemani). The breed originated from the island of Java, Indonesia. The birds are completely black: black plumage with a greenish shine, black legs and toe nails, black beak and tongue, black comb and wattles.

What If Severus Snape Survived? [Comic]

Funny pictures about What if Snape survived? Oh, and cool pics about What if Snape survived? Also, What if Snape survived?