there is movement in this ceramic wave, there is a lot of texture shown and the wave appears that it is moving.

Like artists Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker, Denise Romecki finds inspiration for her sculptures in cresting waves. The big difference is that, while DeSom

Blue & White… Paper sculpture by Peter Gentenaar

Paper sculpture by Peter Gentenaar Edges paper art Visual Texture and edges Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures or Edges

*Cut Paper Sculptures Made out of Artforum Magazine -

Cut Paper Sculptures Made out of Artforum Magazine

Talk about texture! Artforum Magazines Carved into Dripping Waves of Color by Francesca Pastine sculpture paper

hockney_my_mother - I like the feeling that this image puts across to the viewer. I immediately felt an emotion when i saw this image

David Hockney – Photography will never equal painting!

Hockney, David / My Mother, Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire, Nov. 82 1982 / Photographic collage 47 x 27 in x cm)


Felice Varini // Maurice Merleau Ponty lines drawing out the frame of the door and then turning into a maze white on black

Sculptural Hat. I like this one because it is very unusual and it is inspired by nature and flowers. It is made of paper mâché and wire.

Chanel Spring 2009 Runway Pictures

Unless you got invited to a crazy hat party. Or if you are married to Bachus.

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