4 Montessori treasure baskets that any baby will love!

Montessori Treasure Basket Guest Post

Infant treasure baskets.

I like the way these treasure baskets are materials focused. Helps the child to compare and contrast objects Treasure Baskets - put little collections in baskets.

Egg cartons used for sorting - fine motor skills - Stomping in the Mud ≈≈

Egg cartons and natural materials used for sorting - fine motor skills - Stomping in the Mud

Corks, cardboard tubes, wooden pegs, wooden half circles

natural resources can be used / combined / played with in any way the child wishes, there is no pre-determined outcome. Heuristic Play allows a child to use their imagination and be creative, without any pressure to produce / achieve something.

interesting items to add to basket - this was a gift basket idea, but it struck me as a great tactile experience.

Heuristic Play

Yesterday afternoon I had the great pleasure of selecting and preparing some new resources. After searching high and low in and around the town where my setting is situated, I returned with arms la…

Fabric scraps make for a is a great baby sensory tub

Hours of fun with a wipes container!

DIY stacking fine motor toy for babies and toddlers. So simple!

DIY Fine Motor Toy for Babies and Toddlers

pine cone discovery box

pine cone discovery box - could use anything free / cheap - the kids would love to wake up to this activity

Toddler Discovery Box: poking straws into holes

Discovery Box 3: Straws

So much stuff here. need to look at this site for Fine motor ideas. An amazing collection of 30 Materials and games that promote fine motor skills.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/161560221/montessori-spectrum-hand-kites

Montessori Spectrum Hand Kites - Personalized Hand Kite - Waldorf Wind Wand - Set of 5