Perfect hot chocolate for a cold winters day xx

A pretty place for all who love the simple things in life.

A book by the fire

This is how we would prefer to spend every winter night. Curled up by the fire reading a very long book

With a little light

I like this picture because the sparkler in the jar are the main focal point because the background is dark. I also like this picture because the jar if only taking a third of the picture but the sparkler is centered.

candle, coffee, rainfall = cozy morning indoors :) <3

Rainy day, Coffee, and good smelling candle. Now just add a good book and it is the perfect day.

Wingbacked armchair and open fire

Because nothing beats a cold day, a fire, a comfy chair and a good book! (Well maybe a good friend with good conversation might!

Cosy log cabin.

Rustic Elegance in this Mountain Cabin Master Bedroom with cozy fireplace. The house we want has a beautiful stone fireplace in every bedroom!

"All you need is tea and warm socks"

all you need is tea and warm socks.or wine and warm socks? Oh okay tea works too haha