Just some utterly amazing photos of Victorian London!

Victorian London: The Oxford Arms Inn which stood in a short lane leading out of the west side of Warwick Lane, where this photograph was taken from. The Inn was demolished in

London Zoo. It's an amazing photo, but at the same time, I feel sad for them.

A zookeeper at the London Zoo, London, England, United Kingdom leads hungry penguins with a pail of food.Photograph dated October 18 1939

London, Paddington Station, 1940. School boys with gas masks evacuated by train as bombing raids intensify. Life in London during The Blitz of World War II.

London, Paddington Station, 1940 - school boys being evacuated by train as bombing raids intensified - Life in London during The Blitz of World War II from Inknscroll.

Spitalfields Life is simply one of the best blogs on London life and history ever.

Cloth Fair, next to Smithfield Market. You can see more pictures from the Society for Photographing Relics of Old London in The Ghosts of Old London and In Search of Relics of Old London.

vintage everyday: Rare Look Behind the Face of the Big Ben Clockface, 1920s, London  |  via @matthiasrascher on Twitter

Behind one of the glass faces of Big Ben, in the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, London (Vintage Photography)

Punks in London 1979 by Janette Beckman (English, started her career photographing the punk scene in England and New York in the 70s and 80s; documentary and  studio portrait photographer)

superseventies: Punks in London photographed by Janette Beckman, Raw punk, this is all androgynous fashion and bad attitude.

In Britain vegetables were grown in every available piece of ground during WW2 including the moat at the Tower of London!

Dig for Victory campaign, Schoolchildren receive a gardening lesson, circa The vegetables produced would have been used in the school canteen.

London policemen wear gas masks for a training drill, 1937.   Bettmann Collection

bettmann collection - london policemen wear gas masks for a training drill 1937

3-masted barque 'Penang' in dry dock at Millwall 1932 - Unknown - Royal Museums Greenwich Prints

barque 'Penang' in dry dock at Millwall 1932 - unknown - Royal Museums Greenwich Prints

London ~ 1914 :: Ella Williams who prefers to be called by her showbiz name Mme Abomah was once the world`s tallest hot and beautiful lady in the late 1800`s and early 1900`s. She was reputed to be 7ft 6inch giantess. Though she was born in South Carolina in USA, her show managers claimed she was born In Dahomey (now Republic of Benin).

"Nanny during the day, giantess in the 'Music Hall', London, at night." Mme Abomah, The African Giantess in 1914