Rock pool idea

Rock pool idea for EY

easy butterfly feeder

i dont have kids or butterflies.A butterfly feeder is easy to make and a great way for kids to learn about nature.

Play dough snakes and worms for pattern and length work from Rachel (",)

Snakes, Worms & Bugs

Patterns & Measure with Play Dough This idea was inspired by Learn with Play at Home – we had great fun creating patterned worms & snakes & comparing the lengths…

Mini beasts activities

we can do all things: sensory activity - bugs in the grass

Superworm by Julia Donaldson, fun preschool play activities for learning and fun bringing this favourite children's storybook to life

Superworm Play dough Activity

Superworm is a wonderful story for patterned language and this playdough activity looks so much fun!

Frogs in the water tray - from Rachel (",)

Spring is in the Air

Frogs in the Water Tray (from Stimulating Learning With Rachel)

Image result for rumble in the jungle

Image result for rumble in the jungle

Rumble in the Jungle (story) classroom display photo.

A super Jungle classroom role-play area photo contribution.