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Many firms have sensitive and even personally identifiable information within their email databases. So should all emails be deleted after a time to avoid falling foul of the GDPR?,Privacy,Cloud Computing ,cloud,cloud summit,gdpr

Self promotion idea. OK - no beatng around the bush - this is a serious portfolio - but this may be your competition - so what you may lack in money for a portfolio - make up for it in creativity - see all my suggestions on my Self Promotion Idea Board.

Great example here where they offer reasons why you should come back - they've got better.

Lessons Learned from Teespring’s Email Specialist – Really Good Emails – Medium

Want to know how to increase the click-through rate of your emails? To increase email click-through, you need to nurture your list. Email nurturing is esse

Reactivation emails - campaigns sent to users who haven't been engaged for a while - can be difficult to proposition, but can also drive results