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Maggie + Mommy Shared Office/Playroom | www.paperandink.typepad.com .. I'm so n love with the paper chains!

Jennifer Pebbles {awesome scrapbooker/graphic designer}: her craft studio / playroom.whimsical space cute playroom with chalkboard wall, paper chains and lots of white to offset all the playful colors

Boys will be boys! But how do you raise up a son so that he is also kind and polite? Strong and thoughtful? Here's how you can bring him up to be a gentleman too....24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Man to Become a Gentleman ~ Club31Women

"Boys will be boys. But he can be taught to be a gentlemen. A gentlemen in the right sense - not in a sissy, unreasonable manner - but a kind, respectful, and godly young man.

Another ab workout!

Which work out works where. Should you workout today? Kettleball Exercises for Seniors : Workouts & Exercise Routines Ab workout Abs Worko.