Elana Herzog

Elana Herzog, "Civilization and its Discontents", Persian and Persian type carpets, mixed fabrics, metal staples.

Textile Art - delicate ethereal dress sculptures made with knitted hair // "Exhale," Helen Pynor

Textile Art - delicate ethereal dress sculptures made with knitted hair // "Exhale," Helen Pynor. So much presence with few visual clues.


Elana Herzog Fascinating process which reveals comments on loss and absence


Elana Herzog, Civilization and its Discontents 2003 installation view at Smack…

Arm Extensions by Rebecca Horn, 1968.

Rebecca Horn, 'Arm Extensions' 1968 - 'Radical Thinkers: the art, sex and politics of feminism Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium Monday 9 February –

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beautiful work by Elana Herzog, New York. Textiles staped to the wall and slowly deconstructed thread by thread.

Elana Herzog

Elana Herzog, W(e)ave, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, Connecticut. This reminds me of remnits of lace and old vintage table clothes or tapestry. Herzog creates such beautiful and delicate pieces.

"Artist Elana Herzog stapled a series of Persian carpets in varying quality and condition, onto an art gallery's walls and then worked on them further to give them the right state of decay." via http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.com

Artist Elana Herzog, art project Civilization and its Discontents. Textile stapled a series of Persian carpets.

Rebecca Horn 'Finger Gloves'

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn, Finger Gloves, 1972 "Ideas of touch and sensory awareness are explored in this work.

The Textured Self, a project by multidisciplinary designer Sonja Bäumel, takes the bacteria membrane from individual skin and the surrounding environment, and turns it into a hand-knitted and crocheted silhouette.

Sonja Baumel - Textured-Self - Invisible membrane. I think your work is really interesting, I love her research about a new way off communicating.

Karla Black. Forget About Faces (and detail), 2008

Karla Black

Karla Black Forget About Faces (and detail) 2008 Cling film, body moisturizing creams, sellotape, paint Dimensions variable

Karla Black. mary brown: "I  saw Karla Black's monumental installation at the Baltic Tate and this photo of her work just does not do it justice. It just cascaded through the rooms designated for her work. It was 'gobsmackingly' beautiful!'

Previous pinner said, "Karla Black's Ephemeral Installations Imbued with Subtle Tonalities". That's beautiful enough to leave as is.

sonja baumel...expanded self..growing bacterias...

Sonja Bäumel's work mediates between art and science, fashion and science, design and science, between clothes and body, between fiction and facts.