The Three Little Pigs! Story spoons in action! Retelling, children, EYFS, early years, literacy, C&L, communication, play, learning! Natalie's Story Spoons!

This pin depicts the children's story 'the three little pigs' this story board will help children with their story-telling skills, help them to communicate effectively and to broaden their use of creativity in everyday life.

Chinese New Year Sensory Tray from Rachel (",)

Chinese New Year Sensory Tray

Ideal for children with transporting or enveloping schemas who enjoy repeatedly filling and emptying.Chinese New Year Sensory Tray from Rachel (",)

Great idea for my mindee's trajectory schema

This afternoon we combined two of our favourite things here at Clare’s Little Tots – cars and drawing. The results were a beautiful masterpiece and lots of fun. This simply play activity took a few minutes to set up, costs nothing and is done using things

Playing with rainbow coloured spaghetti - Laughing Kids Learn

Playing with rainbow coloured spaghetti

Playing with rainbow coloured spaghetti is a wonderful sensory activity for children of all ages, including babies - Laughing Kids Learn

Autumn Tree Threading Activity for developing fine motor skills :: Wings and Roots

Autumn Tree Fine Motor Threading

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Summer Activity and Science: EYFS DINOSAUR TOPIC: Children can help to "hatch open" the dinosaur egg using salt and tools, revealing small dino toys. Made by simply putting toy inside balloon, fill with water, freeze overnight then cut balloon away.