Nursery maths (counting hands)...latex gloves filled with sand.

So smart- counting hands - latex gloves filled with sand.

Kindergarten math

decomposing numbers in Kindergarten. Great activity for Common Core Math Center Idea

Tough spot number practice with wet cotton wool buds:)

Tough spot number practice with wet cotton wool buds:) Number Recognition Activity - You could use this to practice number recognition and also number bonds. Find OR find 4 + 4

Maths learning wall

Use numicon on the working wall

Finished? Try one of these... - Printables for a classroom display idea providing extension tasks and review activities.

Maths gems 4 - weekly post of secondary maths teaching ideas

This is such a visual way to show students how to decompose numbers!

Just an image, but this is an great way to practice decomposition using manipulatives to make and break numbers in different ways.

Maths area More

Maths area More

Maybe make an anchor chart for numbers 1-20 to keep up in the wall for a while?

Calendar Math Time: All About the Number Chart

Autumn counting builders tray

Autumn counting builders tray

A Teeny Tiny Teacher - Number bonds in math center

Five for Fraturday

A Teeny Tiny Teacher - Number bonds in math center - compose / decompose

Paper chains are low-prep, simple ways to visually display fact families and number bonds.

Teacher Mama: 8 Fun Ways to Teach Number Bonds {After School Linky}

Begin teaching NUMBER BONDS by using Use paper chains in different colours ti demonstrate. To the tune of Row Row Row your boat 9 and 1 are number bonds 8 and 2 are friends 7 and 3 6 and 4 5 and 5 are twins. Later, have them show it different ways.

Confessions of a Kinder Teacher!: On to the Learning Train!!

good idea for number recognition and mastery for the younger ones! they can see a number drawn out and understand quantity! Great idea for morning meeting time. -- if I ever go back to elementary

Use do-a-dot markers to work with number bonds!

Bug Number Bonds

This relates to the NCTM standard of understanding the effects of adding and subtracting whole numbers. As students add the designated number of dots to their bugs, they can visualize the addition of two sets of numbers.

Numicon/number matching with keys and padlocks

Numicon and padlocks. Can do teen numbers by putting on scrapbook rings!

533670_535315826519740_2043632616_n.jpg (302×397)

How much fun is this? "The Adding Machine" - students drop objects in the two sides and see what comes out of the machine. An easy DIY for a math center.