Organic electricity...from lemons? - Electric Lemon #science experiment

A great family activity, and fun for all ages, our Electric Lemon science experiment is a crowd pleaser that the most inquisitive of minds will enjoy.

BBC - Schools Science Clips - Circuits and conductors Worksheet

A printable worksheet to accompany the Circuits and conductors activity from the Science Clips website.

geometric steel diamond

Geometric Steel Diamond

Recursive structure / object in recursive geometry, fractals

power transmission lines

power transmission lines- this is from an artistic pin, but while engineers see…

Idea 23: The Cookie

printed circuit board: a flat plastic or fiberglass board on which interconnected circuits and components are laminated or etched. Chips and other electronic components are mounted on the circuits. Computers consist of one or more printed circuit boards.

Antony Gormley, HIVE V, 2008

Hive V: anthony gormley - Damla: reminded me of one of your sketchbook pages