ill and injured animals 2017 (1)

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Stray puppy 'shot by a farmer' is able to walk again

Sumlee the dog was said to be shot while trying to steal chickens in a small Thai village in May. The puppy, then five months old, was saved by Mike Dower, a British expat.

Neglected dog found with tumour so big it dragged along the ground

Cat's TOE is torn off by a 'razor sharp' B&Q tea towel holder

Life in the old dog yet! Golden retriever rides around in his own little cart

Poodle gets tumor that's a third of its body weight removed

Seal finally has Frisbee removed from her neck after six months

Family's horror as pet dog severely burned in 'acid attack' in their garden

Dog saved by UK first operation which saw a BALLOON inflate in his heart

Boo Boo the owl can't fly, so she's been fitted with splints to help her waddle

GRAPHIC: Neglected dog with horrific wounds and destined to DIE becomes TV star

Couple's Staffies are strangled and HANGED by intruder

146lb Dog who was too fat to play loses 60lbs thanks to a strict diet

Greedy puppy has to be rescued from biscuit jar after getting head stuck

Vile couple left dog chained up outside in winter to freeze in her own excrement

Abandoned dog paralysed after being shot by farmer gets new wheelchair